We were forced to write for 70% boys and 30% girls because we found that boys will only read “boys stuff” while girls will read anything and don’t discriminate.
Marv Wolfman, SDCC’s panel on Female Characters and Clichés (via thefilmfatale)

Tonight’s Gender of the night is: AWESOME SKELETON HELL ROCKING CHAIR


Tonight’s Gender of the night is: AWESOME SKELETON HELL ROCKING CHAIR


nobody’s ever really happy to find out they’ve stayed up too late.

it used to be a cool achievement but now it’s like

"fuck. god damn it. not again. shit."

today i finally picked up my diploma from school!!!! then i gourged myself on pizza and roasted potatoes and passed out


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Kiss From A Rose
Batman Forever OST (1995)

If you don’t think this is one of the greatest Batman songs ever, well then…I’m gonna have to respectfully yet forcefully disagree with you.

A classic.

If you see Chris Sims at SDCC and give him five bucks he’ll sing this to you.

Please note that I have listened to this ten times in the past 24 hours and I still don’t know all the words, so I will just make up what I can’t remember.

Again: This is not a joke.

This is literally the first time I’ve ever wished I was going to SDCC.

Originally, in the 20s and 30s, the stereotype of someone who was schizophrenic was the housewife who was sad and withdrawn, and would not do her duties as a housewife; would not do the housework. This was the typical case of schizophrenia. And then, in the 60s, something shifted. The actual criteria for schizophrenia shifted. A lot of psychiatrists and hospitals and police were encountering young, angry black men who were part of the civil rights movement. Who were part of the riots – the uprisings – in the Black Power movement. Who were angry. Who were perceiving a conspiracy of power against them, that was called paranoia. They would see it is white privilege, but it was called paranoia. And so we actually see the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia change. So now you have anger and paranoia and hostility being included as criteria, whereas 30 years before they hadn’t been. Because the stereotype has changed. So there’s a way in which the DSM and the perspectives of the psychiatrists and the doctors who were giving these diagnoses is thoroughly politically constructed, and thoroughly dependent on the culture and context that they’re within.

Will Hall at Unitarian Church Vancouver Canada March 2012 - Transcript | Madness Radio (via blinko)

for anyone interested in reading more about how schizophrenia moved from being a diagnosis assigned to white, middle-class women to one used to pathologize and institutionalize noncompliant black men in the 1960s, jonathan metzl’s the protest psychosis: how schizophrenia became a black disease is a good place to start. i have a PDF scan of it, too — just ask.

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I Hate My Fuckening Life And I Hate The FUCK Government

this is the saddest fucking thing i have ever seen


this is the saddest fucking thing i have ever seen